[HacktionLab] Another mapping question

m marmar at ucrony.net
Sun Oct 27 18:23:27 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I've just finished touring with a film, and am looking at options for 
creating a tour report including locations and venues, route, photos, 
video and audio.

Ideally it would be based around a map, including pics, video, audio and 
text. I haven't really worked with maps before, so I was wondering if 
people know of some neat tools?

I might want a time dimension, one of the tools I was considering is 
Mozilla's Popcorn, though I'm not thrilled about learning javascript.

The idea is very vague still, I just know I want to combine locations 
with different media types somehow. Just now I played around with google 
maps, to get some more ideas of what I could do, and I couldn't even 
figure out how to add videos though that's supposedly possible, and 
there's no info about adding audio at all. (Needless to say I'd prefer 
not to use google for the actual project).

I'm thinking some combination of mapping and non linear storytelling 
would work, but yes, vague. On the upside, with an idea this vague I can 
adapt it to existing tools and structure the project around what's 
possible to do at this point. Any suggestions for tools I should be 
looking at?


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