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Charlie Harvey charlie at newint.org
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Tilemill might work?



On 27/10/13 18:23, m wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just finished touring with a film, and am looking at options for
> creating a tour report including locations and venues, route, photos,
> video and audio.
> Ideally it would be based around a map, including pics, video, audio and
> text. I haven't really worked with maps before, so I was wondering if
> people know of some neat tools?
> I might want a time dimension, one of the tools I was considering is
> Mozilla's Popcorn, though I'm not thrilled about learning javascript.
> The idea is very vague still, I just know I want to combine locations
> with different media types somehow. Just now I played around with google
> maps, to get some more ideas of what I could do, and I couldn't even
> figure out how to add videos though that's supposedly possible, and
> there's no info about adding audio at all. (Needless to say I'd prefer
> not to use google for the actual project).
> I'm thinking some combination of mapping and non linear storytelling
> would work, but yes, vague. On the upside, with an idea this vague I can
> adapt it to existing tools and structure the project around what's
> possible to do at this point. Any suggestions for tools I should be
> looking at?
> Cheers,
> Mara
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