[HacktionLab] N23 site owners & developers event OR review?

School of DIY nowisthetime at riseup.net
Thu Apr 3 13:11:30 UTC 2014

A gathering sounds good.
Also a review of one's own N23 site is definitely something N23 site 
owners might welcome. I'm not in UK right now so I would like something 
that might come to me direct to my screen! Parts of whatever a gathering 
might give me or I can help out with.

- Any idea what a gathering would look at?
- Any bullet points listed anywhere?

I'm away for a long time but by I can start working on anything people 
give me or tell me about my own site! Things like:
- more in depth and focused site review
- technical things noticed / alternative methods
- merging with another site / similar sites to check / networking
- other advice or checklist
can be offered,
and even things like:
- how affective it is 'for the cause' or 'my own cause'
- with some tweaking of strategy / direction said
- opportunities or needs being said exchanged

I think people would also donate more where there's a human touch.
Hope it's not off topic.

I've had to ask other users and people (not really dedicated or seeing 
the value perhaps in replying) for review but it's very limited to 'it's 
nice and strange' and hit and miss for added practical and helping the 
'cause' type stuff (more miss). The few who did reply were ACE though!

So yeah,  something like a regular peer review and analysis to my site
please!----->? https://network23.org/freeschool/
or dowhatyoulove.0id.org [which includes my dowhatyoulove forum if want 
a peek]

- Other sites - I noticed some sites might still be on a test page / not 
update / dead / or something unclear. Not sure even about the value of 
looking in to that and I know people are working on shit.
At same time we are all shit at working on some stuff...! and would 
welcome a helping sort of hand :)

I guess that's what free school aim people to acknowledge and work on 
because that's seen to enhances everything else..... mentally and 

- AS AN EXAMPLE OF HELP I GOT - Someone sent me interesting stats on my 
N23 site... by running a pingdom.com request PRETTY AWESOME/USEFUL for me:

 From those results that person found that external images/resources 
were being pulling in from those other sites on my site (it was easier 
for me to put multiple images quickly by linking the URL directly to 
someone else's site instead of downloading and then uploading to N23 
site to link it). They suggested that when a visitor lands on my page, 
their IP address will likely be collected by those sites. I wasn't happy 
about even the chance of that!... so...

- THE FIX - So I changed and fixed that by downloaded all the images to 
N23 site and re-linked images so it's not linking externally 
everywhere...  shrapnelling isn't a word! :]
Moral of the story is that they made me think about it at least and were 
really nice about it :)
I really wanna make my goals using minimal tech, using the abundance of 
time I've set myself - the feeling good from not being 'hosted' under 
any corporate kinds or without bad banners/flags above my head.
(thanks everyone for contributing)

You can see the current site analysis here:


Like I said I've got an abundance of time, so if you can use it and like 
quick replies ----> Yo is the man... and child at heart :) -----> 
nowisthetime at riseup.net

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> Subject: Re: [HacktionLab] Wordpress file permissions and ownership:
> 	command line versus dashboard
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> On 01/04/2014 21:43, Marcus Valentine wrote:
>> As as far as I am aware, for wordpress core upgrades, installation of
>> plugins, themes etc to work through the WP dashboard, all files need
>> to be owned by web-server user.
>> This is all well and good, but then WP admins also on occasion want to
>> add their own self-written themes, plugins via sftp etc.
>> Has anyone figured out a permissions scheme that satisfies both
>> requirements?
>> Thanks
>> Marcus
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> Hi Marcus,
> We've just resolved this by following the instructions at
> http://wpforce.com/wordpress-tutorial-ssh-install-upgrade/
> This means you end up with something like the following in your
> wp-config.php file:
> define('FTP_PUBKEY','/path/to/public/key/id_rsa.pub');
> define('FTP_PRIKEY','/path/to/private/key/id_rsa');
> define('FTP_HOST', 'localhost:22');
> define('FTP_USER', 'someuser');
> define('FTP_PASS', '');
> Before it would work we needed to do the following on Debian:
> sudo apt-get install libssh2-php
> and did an apache restart.
> We still needed the wp-content/uploads directory (and poss
> wp-content/updates) to be group owned and writable by the web server.
> drwxrwxr-x  2 someuser www-data        4096 Apr  2 13:28 upgrade
> drwxrwxr-x 15 someuser www-data        4096 Mar 28 16:41 uploads
> Mike.

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