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Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Sat Apr 19 09:57:04 UTC 2014

Hi All, This came in from Dave who is organising the Breaking the Frame
gathering. I'm not able to go to this, but I do think it would be good
to represent. Anyone on the list up for going along?

If you are, could you email me off-list and I'll do the necessary

Cheers, Mike.

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Subject: Are you coming to the Breaking the Frame gathering?
Date: 17.04.2014 12:23
 From: Ned Ludd <luddites200 at yahoo.co.uk>
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Dear Mike,

It's now just over two weeks until the Breaking the Frame gathering
(http://breakingtheframe.org.uk/?page_id=8). I'm particularly keen for
you to be there, because I think that you will really enjoy it and make
a big contribution, and it will help you take a step forward in your own

Breaking the Frame will not be just another event: this is the start of
a really exciting new initiative that aims to change the whole debate
around technology, and that will have a major impact on everyone's
issues. We want your input in order to help create a new politics of
technology, so we hope you will try to prioritise getting to this event.

Apart from the main programme, we're aiming to make the event as
enjoyable and relaxing as possible. There will be entertainment in the
evenings and a good chunk of free time in the afternoon to enjoy the
beautiful surroundings of Unstone Grange, take part in some hands-on
activities, or go walking in the idyllic Derbyshire countryside. The
food will be by the wonderful Veggies Catering campaign.

Please take a look at the website or the attached brochure. If you're
coming, please don't leave booking until the last minute, both for the
organisers' sake and so you can take advantage of cheaper advance travel
tickets. Do let me know whether you're coming.

Best wishes,

Dave King

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