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mark mark at aktivix.org
Thu Dec 11 10:03:51 UTC 2014


I spoke with some of you about this in Bradford, so I'm following up
from that now.

I'm a member of the phone coop and I want to help them to improve the
privacy and security offered to users of their systems. I've had some
discussions with their techs over the years but I feel kind of bad to be
hassling them with unscheduled work through their support channels. So I
thought I should do the grown-up thing and put a motion to the AGM.

If anyone else here is a member of the coop, or has strong opinions
about what UK-based ISPs should be doing, please let me know so that we
can work on it together. So far I have this draft
http://piratepad.net/rCy7ZllT6m where you can leave anonymous
comments/edits if you want to - or just email me.

Thanks all,

PS disclosure of interest: the phone coop is an industrial and provident
society so it's in my financial interest as a member for it to be
successful as a business. Although my motivation is as a privacy
advocate I think it's important to declare this, to be transparent.

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