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To what extent is the Zylum project open source? I couldn't see much 
of free software on the website - if it is, should be making users aware 
this (to promote free software and the important of this, as well as to
promote Zylum) - and if not, I guess why not?

Sounds like an interesting project!

On 2014-12-29 11:09, zylum at peacenews.info wrote:
> Dear Mark,
>      Thank-you for the heads up regarding Project Honeypot. I passed
> the information on the Cedric at GreenNet and he has made some
> adjustments. GreenNet would be happy to hear from you if you continue
> to have issues accessing anything on their servers via TOR.
> There are outstanding issues with http://zylum.org around how it
> degrades if images /cookies /javascript etc. etc. are disabled, it is
> my intention to iron as many of these out as possible over the next
> few weeks. At this stage any comments are welcome, but you will be
> looking at an alpha version so issues are to be expected.
> The beta launch is scheduled for 10 Jan. That will include
> improvements such as https. I think that it is worth bearing in mind
> who Zylum is intended for. Those with technical expertise (on this
> list) can doubtless find more secure alternatives and/or more purist
> free alternatives - but zylum is intended to be an easy to use step in
> the right direction for those who would otherwise post everything
> about their campaign on F***book or Wordpress.com  Hopefully Zylum
> succeeds in being a lesser evil?
> Seasons' greetings,
> Benjamin.
> ---- Cedric Wrote ----
> Project Honeypot is something we've been experimenting
> with on two web servers since 19 Dec, in order to cut down on resource
> usage caused by a spate of dictionary attacks on CPU-intensive pages
> such as WordPress logins.  Unfortunately it does seem like almost all
> Tor exit nodes have been used by comment spammers, which is why this
> "Your IP address is on the Project Honeypot offender list" was
> appearing.  I've adjusted this, and will continue to look at
> alternatives.  Please pass that info on if you like.
> This wouldn't have affected Zylum or APC.org in any case because they
> are on separate servers.  People using the Tor browser bundle may have
> some problems with Zylum.org, but that's because of the TBB includes
> NoScript, and Zylum is in places dependent on JavaScript and nothing
> to do with Project Honeypot.
> ----
> ---- In reply to message: Mark 20/12/2014 HacktionLab Digest, Vol 80,
> Issue 11 ----
> Perhaps more important than ideological purity, I can't access web
> services under apc.org and subdomains via tor. "Your IP address is
> on the Project Honeypot offender list." Oh dear :-(
> Benjamin? How does blacklisting tor exit nodes fit with the
> security model you're proposing?
> Mark
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