[HacktionLab] Announcing BarnCamp 2015 - June 19, 20, 21 - Help needed

yossarian yossarian at aktivix.org
Wed Mar 25 14:14:00 UTC 2015

Hi Clara,

On 25/03/2015 13:33, clara wrote:
> 1) Radar.squat.net
> Show our new international event calendar https://radar.squat.net
> We can explain how it works, how to add new groups and events etc. but
> we can also see together with some people what can be improved to make
> it even more usable and useful.

The API on there would be really good for constructing a mobile client,
to bring radar off the web and onto peoples' phones.

Have you thought about using an API docs framework, such as Swagger, to
document the API, to make it easier for people to produce clients? You
can read about Swagger here:


To see how it's useful, have a play with the Pet Store example API:


It can also do neat stuff with API prototyping, and build full client
libraries for Android and iOS automatically (I've never tried them so I
can't say how well this works, but it is pretty interesting).

I can show you how to generate the docs, there's a kind of online docs
editor available that helps you do it.


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