[HacktionLab] BarnCamp 2017

m3shrom at riseup.net m3shrom at riseup.net
Tue Aug 23 08:39:34 UTC 2016

Hi there Ben,

I can remember that Heath and Wu Wu took a lead on it last time.
But I think if we did a bit of a spec of what BarnCamp is, where it is,
and what the possible cross over would be then I'm sure we could get
interested people.

I'm wondering how to pitch it. As you could go different ways....

Often the Forest work is pitched as, this is a good antidote to
technology saturated world of young people with them glued to screens. I
think that could work,
ie come to BarnCamp, there are activities for kids some tech but also an
antidote in the forest.

Or another pitch - Adults come and do tech, Kids do Forest Stuff.

Or we work together to do an interesting projects involving Forest
skills and materials and other more modern tech skills and materials.

any thoughts on pros or cons anyone?

nice one

On 23/08/16 08:46, Ben Green wrote:
> I've really liked the kids stuff, would be worth getting together IMO.
> Do we know people who are up for that Mick?
> Cheers,
> Ben

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