[HacktionLab] BarnCamp 2017 Poster/Flyer - get yours while they're hot!

Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 22:05:02 UTC 2016

Hi All,

A 'deliberate' typo was spotted by a couple of you lucky winners with a
careful eye.  We were promoting something call 'free stoftware' on the
back ;)

Updated the original Gimp files and hi-res and medium-res PNGs all
uploaded to the Wiki now -

A couple of you (the same two lucky winners as it happens) have already
got some orders in for some flyers and posters.  So why not join this
happy throng and get your BarnCamp 2017 poster orders in by the end of
the month?

A suggestion I liked was an A3 version that featured both the back and
the front, so if you want some of those, let me know.



El 12/11/2016 a les 09:29, Mike Harris ha escrit:
> Hi All,
> Nor's produced us a lovely new flyer for 2017, see:
> https://hacktionlab.org/hacktionlab/index.php/File:2017-A4-Flyer-Front.png
> https://hacktionlab.org/hacktionlab/index.php/File:2017-A4-Flyer-Back.png
> There's the originals too:
> https://hacktionlab.org/hacktionlab/index.php/File:2017-A4-Flyer-Front.xcf
> https://hacktionlab.org/hacktionlab/index.php/File:2017-A4-Flyer-Back.xcf
> Am planning to get a print run done fairly soon, of A3, A4 and A5, maybe
> even A2.
> It'd be great if we could all promote the event, get posters up and
> flyers around.
> If you'd like some then please email me directly an let me know before
> the end of the month.  I'll need to know what you want, and an address
> so I can post some to you. 
> Cheers,
> Mike.

Mike Harris
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