[HacktionLab] Anyone able to offer (voluntary, I guess) web for Grenfall Tower justice campaigners help [Was: Fwd: could I ask you advice please?]

Charlie Harvey charlie at newint.org
Fri Aug 18 09:46:58 UTC 2017

On 18/08/17 04:51, bou wrote:
> has any one heard back about our offers to volunteer?
> (I haven't)
> b.


I've passed them on to Dan who's co-ordinating.


> On 25/07/17 11:12, mark wrote:
>> We could easily offer them a network23 blog, but seeing as it'll be
>> quite high-profile, I think we'd also need a dedicated volunteer to help
>> them run it.
>> So if anyone here is thinking "I'd love to help them run a website but I
>> don't have suitable hosting arrangements," we could team up?
>> Mark
>> Charlie Harvey:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Thought that there might be some people on the list who were up for
>>> helping relatives of people killed at Grenfall Tower setting up their
>>> website (or any of the other stuff that is mentioned).
>>> Cheers,
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>>> Subject: 	could I ask you advice please?
>>> Date: 	Thu, 20 Jul 2017 10:36:38 +0100
>>> From: 	George Monbiot <george at monbiot.info>
>>> To: 	'Dan Raymond-Barker' <danrb at newint.org>
>>> Hi Dan,
>>> I hope you are very well. I wonder whether I might be able to ask you
>>> for some advice.
>>> I’ve begun working with two of the relatives of the victims of the
>>> Grenfell Tower disaster, Nazanin and Shahrok Aghlani, who lost their
>>> mother and aunt in the fire, to assist their search for justice.
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