[HacktionLab] Anyone able to offer (voluntary, I guess) web for Grenfall Tower justice campaigners help [Was: Fwd: could I ask you advice please?]

Mike Harris mike.harris at xtreamlab.net
Wed Jul 26 06:19:18 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I guess another offer of hosting is not needed maybe, but Marcus and I
am more than happy to set it up and host on XtreamLab for free.  Can
sort that side of it out and given them an out of the box Wordpress,
Drupal, or other, CMS solution.  But neither of us have the time and the
skills for taking them through the design and planning of content side
of things, so if someone is up for doing this side of it, then we can
work with them.  We host on Bytemark in the UK and have a pretty fast
and beefy server, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone looking for
more privacy or any kind of cross-border freedom of speech protection;
the offers from n23, Mayfirst, etc are better for that.  Can also
provide some email with that.

Personally I'm also up for helping n23 set it up, but again, web site
design, layout, and content are not really my thing; I'm more of a
devops type ;)

Anyway, do pass the offer on, along with the others.



El 25/07/2017 a les 15:24, Garcon du Monde ha escrit:
> hi charlie,
> i'm very happy to help coordinate a hosting solution (it can go on n23,
> a dedicated webserver, whatever), and note that several others on this
> list have suggested one or other of the solutions i may be involved
> in. however, i think the bigger challenge is to find someone who has
> time to help set up such a website and / or tool... i may have some
> links, but it would take a little while to follow through - what sort of
> timescale might be involved for getting this up and running (obviously,
> i recognise the sooner the better, but it might be wiser to take a few
> weeks and have a solid basis rather than a rushed job over a few days)?
> anyway, please feel free to forward my email on to whoever...
> solidarity,
> 	--gdm
> On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 04:12:26PM +0100, Charlie Harvey wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Thought that there might be some people on the list who were up for
>> helping relatives of people killed at Grenfall Tower setting up their
>> website (or any of the other stuff that is mentioned).
>> Cheers,
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>> Subject: 	could I ask you advice please?
>> Date: 	Thu, 20 Jul 2017 10:36:38 +0100
>> From: 	George Monbiot <george at monbiot.info>
>> To: 	'Dan Raymond-Barker' <danrb at newint.org>
>> Hi Dan,
>> I hope you are very well. I wonder whether I might be able to ask you
>> for some advice.
>> I’ve begun working with two of the relatives of the victims of the
>> Grenfell Tower disaster, Nazanin and Shahrok Aghlani, who lost their
>> mother and aunt in the fire, to assist their search for justice.
>> They are remarkable people. Nazanin is highly articulate, clear and
>> determined. Here’s a clip of her on Newsnight:
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eANrDnyecSw
>> It has become clear to her that none of the existing groups are
>> providing either representation to the bereaved families or an effective
>> voice in holding the public inquiry, the judicial process and other
>> forms of official response to account. She feels strongly (and I agree)
>> that the bereaved families need their own representation, that ensures
>> their concerns are not muddled up with other issues, and that their
>> voices are heard in the crucial forums and the media, under the
>> principle of Nothing About Us Without Us.
>> Below is the brief description she’s drafted of the objectives of this
>> organisation, that she proposes to call the *Grenfell Bereaved Families
>> Association*.
>> Obviously, she can’t take all this on by herself. She needs all the help
>> she can get. She needs organisational and media assistance and other
>> forms of support. I have offered to try to find the people who can help.
>> But – as I spend most of my time sitting at home reading and writing –
>> my first-hand contacts are quite limited.
>> So I wonder whether you might be able to advise me on people I could
>> approach who could help her with:
>>  1. setting up a website and other forms of public visibility
>>  2. media work and
>>  3. organisation building.
>> What we are looking for are energetic people who can give some of their
>> time for free and are prepared to keep helping out when needed over the
>> next few years, during what is likely to be a major and sometimes
>> bruising search for justice.
>> Any thoughts and contacts you have would be invaluable.
>> Thanks so much.
>> See you soon I hope.
>> All the best, George
>> From Nazanin:
>> Objectives of the Grenfell Bereaved Families Association:
>>   * Our main aim will be to ensure that the people we have lost in this
>>     tragedy are not forgotten about, and our fight for justice is not
>>     over before it has even begun. We will do whatever we can to ensure
>>     that the high price we bereaved families have paid in this tragedy
>>     is not simply forgotten about. Other survivor and community campaign
>>     groups are voicing out the problems which the survivors and the rest
>>     of the community are facing, and rightly so! However we as the
>>     bereaved families must also have a loud and clear voice and to do
>>     this we must come together and fight in solidarity
>>   * We will put pressure on the progress of the public inquiry and the
>>     police criminal investigation by acting as a watchdog. We can use
>>     independent bodies to comment on procedures and events (that of the
>>     police, the LFB, the council, the contracting companies… etc).
>>        * Carefully use our united voice through media to put pressure and
>>     bring awareness where lawyer’s hands are tied. We will have 2-3
>>     articulate media spoke persons (from the bereaved families) who will
>>     with great dignity and care reach to the public and organizations
>>     through media when necessary.
>>   * Use our power and unity to challenge decisions and reject them where
>>     suitable. For example we agree between ourselves what we want the
>>     scope of the public inquiry to cover and if it does not meet this,
>>     together we can distinguish it as illegitimate and reject it.
>>   * We can make our own record of what the witnesses have seen on the
>>     night of the tragedy and use that to fight propaganda. For example
>>     the LBF is broadcasting a three-part documentary about their work,
>>     which also covers the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.  My brother and I
>>     have met many eyewitnesses over the past 5 weeks who have stories to
>>     tell about the response and actions of the LFB that night, which I’m
>>     sure will not be included in this ‘documentary’. As an association
>>     we can film/document these witness stories with a aim to broadcast
>>     on TV or spread on social media, as a response and challenge to the
>>     documentary by LBF.
>>   * For those families who will not get any remains of their loved ones
>>     back, we can come to a decision together as to what we want to do in
>>     terms of burial of ashes.
>>   * Be involved and have a strong word in what we as a association agree
>>     the future of the site should be. (i.e a memorial).
>> -- 
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