[HacktionLab] Anonymous survey tech?

Brent thebrentc at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 14:25:47 UTC 2018


Hope everyone's well, and season's greetings etc.

Here's a question that might be of general interest- I'm looking to run a
survey, it's for a very mini-research project for a uni course. I'm looking
at digital privacy with a GDPR twist as a topic. So I'm not expecting major
issues, but I guess I should think about the privacy of the privacy survey
:) It'll be anonymous, but there's the remaining issue with IP addresses
and server logs etc. with providers.

Offering paper-based or email response options (with riseup mail + PGP
details)- I'll do this anyway.
Running own server in bedroom so can personally guarantee- not quite up for
Use a local webhost (e.g. I've got UK Floppynet) rather than big Google or
AWS- more impression management than technically effective
Try get some known privacy-friendly hosting? Network23? Baremetal hosting?
Any recommendations?
Is there something like automatic proxy/tor plugin-type services that the
webmaster can add in e.g. to kill IPs before connecting to survey host

It's a small project, I don't have much time for setting ups, and it must
be easy for respondents to use. And work technically.

Anyway, food for thought / comments welcome.

I'll possibly put the survey out here, if there's no objections, might be
of interest.

P.s. passed through watery wales not so long ago, not far from a farm i
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