[HacktionLab] Anonymous survey tech?

mark mark at aktivix.org
Sat Dec 8 20:06:00 UTC 2018

Hi there Brent

When we did the survey after the last barncamp we used drupal forms. I
worked on the content but wouldn't know how to set up drupal.

If you know your way around wordpress, you could do it using a network23
blog. You'd implement your survey as a contact form. The responses would
get emailed to an address of your choosing and not stored by us.

Your weakness, as with anything that's properly anonymised, is that you
won't know if you've got someone making multiple responses.

I would like to hear if anyone has other ideas.


> Hi
> Hope everyone's well, and season's greetings etc.
> Here's a question that might be of general interest- I'm looking to run a
> survey, it's for a very mini-research project for a uni course. I'm looking
> at digital privacy with a GDPR twist as a topic. So I'm not expecting major
> issues, but I guess I should think about the privacy of the privacy survey
> :) It'll be anonymous, but there's the remaining issue with IP addresses
> and server logs etc. with providers.
> Options?:
> Offering paper-based or email response options (with riseup mail + PGP
> details)- I'll do this anyway.
> Running own server in bedroom so can personally guarantee- not quite up for
> this
> Use a local webhost (e.g. I've got UK Floppynet) rather than big Google or
> AWS- more impression management than technically effective
> Try get some known privacy-friendly hosting? Network23? Baremetal hosting?
> Any recommendations?
> Is there something like automatic proxy/tor plugin-type services that the
> webmaster can add in e.g. to kill IPs before connecting to survey host
> itself?
> It's a small project, I don't have much time for setting ups, and it must
> be easy for respondents to use. And work technically.
> Anyway, food for thought / comments welcome.
> I'll possibly put the survey out here, if there's no objections, might be
> of interest.
> Brent
> P.s. passed through watery wales not so long ago, not far from a farm i
> remember.
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