[HacktionLab] Anonymous survey tech?

naomi naomi at aktivix.org
Mon Dec 10 15:38:25 UTC 2018

If I read this correctly you want to behave as if the survey is very
sensitive and is in danger of surveillance, and therefore:

1. You don't want the survey answers to be stored in plain text on an
untrusted server (solutions suggested: use PGP email, or use a webform
on a trusted server).

2. You don't want the IP address to be revealed at all, even to you.
(solutions suggested: use email, or use a webform on a server that does
not track IPs).

Also: You want it to be easy for people to use.

PGP email is not easy for people to use, not at all, so if I were you
I'd rule that out.

Paper is not all it seems, either. Does a post office count as an
untrusted server? I think so. Is everyone local? Will you use a drop-off
box? How would you ensure it was not surveilled?

Network23 would fit all your criteria.



On 10/12/2018 14:43, Brent wrote:
> Thanks guys
> Yup key point about risking duplicate responses. Not a major issue I
> think for my little research but generally. I reckon an approach
> like logging hashes of something like IP addresses to check against
> would work for a good majority of general users.
> Network23 is great in not storing IPs at all. Wordpress contact form
> could work, if a bit clunky. For others' general info, Network23 has
> some sensible limitations- a full-access wordpress install could use
> survey or form plugins to store data in database with theme customised
> to be 'bare' if desired. 
> Disroot looks good generally thanks although doesn't do full
> survey-type forms. There's a not so usual dilemma here in that there's
> privacy need, but the website pictures of folk in masks running riot
> could have interesting effects on potentially not-so-radical research
> respondents. Also, ye old trust question- i have some idea of e.g.
> network23 but don't know disroot.
> Hmm. Thinking about network23, thanks, or might just use disclaimers
> with fall back to the good ol' paper or PGP options.
> b
> On Sun, 9 Dec 2018 at 18:25, bou <bou at aktivix.org
> <mailto:bou at aktivix.org>> wrote:
>     Don't know how anonymous these would be, but if you don't have
>     where to
>     put your drupal installation, you can start here:
>     https://framaforms.org/
>     https://disroot.org/en/services/polls
>     b.
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