[HacktionLab] *URGENT* Help needed driving Barncamp stuff around

mark mark at aktivix.org
Wed Jun 5 10:02:17 UTC 2019

OK folks,

I've just checked with Naomi and double checked against our Wiki
organising page here, if you're interested:

The main things that need bringing are:

1] Pick up 3-phase power distribution equipment from Mike Harris in
Oxford and bring to BarnCamp on Wednesday 19th June

2] Pick up a vocal PA from Billy Smith in London (could be shared
between a couple of cars)

3] Sean is juggling a few things coming from Bristol, maybe he would
like a hand if anyone's driving from that way.

Volunteers now please, or it's going to be kind of ... quiet and low

The other thing we need is MORE SIGNUPS! and PAY UP you skinflints!

Mark :-)

> Hi all,
> We need some stuff collecting from Oxford and Bristol, and taking to
> Barncamp. Some of it will need collecting in advance, so it is quite
> urgent that this gets sorted out.
> We have access to a van but the driver is unwell and needs a support
> driver or possibly replacement. Others can sort the arrangements and
> logistics, and storage space, but we just need someone to do the actual
> driving.
> Please, if you could possibly help with this, let us know. Otherwise we
> are going to struggle to do Barncamp at all :(
> Thank you,
> The Barncamp Collective
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