[HacktionLab] *URGENT* Help needed driving Barncamp stuff around

naomi naomi at aktivix.org
Fri Jun 7 11:51:22 UTC 2019

Update - the person whose van it is (that the driver was intending to
borrow) would rather not lend it to a stranger. So, a volunteer with a
suitable vehicle would be marvellous.



On 04/06/2019 20:34, naomi wrote:
> Hi all,
> We need some stuff collecting from Oxford and Bristol, and taking to
> Barncamp. Some of it will need collecting in advance, so it is quite
> urgent that this gets sorted out.
> We have access to a van but the driver is unwell and needs a support
> driver or possibly replacement. Others can sort the arrangements and
> logistics, and storage space, but we just need someone to do the actual
> driving.
> Please, if you could possibly help with this, let us know. Otherwise we
> are going to struggle to do Barncamp at all :(
> Thank you,
> The Barncamp Collective
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