[HacktionLab] Fwd: BarnCamp2019 CANCELLED

BarnCamp barncamp2017 at hacktionlab.org
Wed Jun 12 08:41:09 UTC 2019

To all those who were hoping to come to BarnCamp this year, we're sorry
to have to announce that we've been forced to take the very difficult
decision to cancel BarnCamp this year.

We've been beset by a number of difficulties, some human and some
technical. For the last few weeks it's felt as if no sooner had we found
a solution to one problem than another one would appear. In the end,
despite a huge amount of work being put in, we've had to admit that
there was just no way to make it work this time.

Of course those who were expecting to come will be disappointed -
including ourselves. You will no doubt want to know what went wrong and
why it couldn't be fixed. In order to maximise what we can learn from
what happened, there will be a post-mortem announced soon on the
hacktionlab mailing list, after which we will report more fully. If you
aren't already a member, please join so that you hear about further
developments by visiting this web page:

We will refund all payments that we've received back to the bank account
they originated from. This will take a few days to process as each
payment has to be processed manually. If you haven't received your
refund within a week of this email, please contact
barncamp2019 at hacktionlab.org with your account details, what payment you
were expecting, and the six-digit code you were issued when you 

The good news is that Highbury Farm and our caterer Becky are still
happy to work with us next year, and we have the benefit of the learning
from efforts this time and previous BarnCamps.

All the best,
Members of the BarnCamp2019 collective

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