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Kate Dawson k4t at 3msg.es
Wed May 22 12:12:51 UTC 2019

Some thoughts on fediverse hosting

Since quitter.se shut down  indy.im is (as far as I know) the 
longest running gnusocial server in the world. Making it the oldest
server in the fediverse.

It is running the most recent version of gnusocial software, however 
gnusocial is not seeing much development at the moment and federation
with some of the more current fediverse implementations is not always
good (i.e. some Mastodon implementations).

So, whilst having a hacktionlab official account on indy.im might be
nice, it might not get the reach that other servers do. 

Also, rather than centralising on mastodon.social 
(which is the largest of mastodon servers, and well maintained by the 
lead dev Eugene Rochko), having an fficial a/c on sends a nice message 
of federation support and diversity.

We might have connections to this group  (who were/are related to Vision
On TV ) 


which might make a nice home for a fediverse a/c ? 

But anywhere is better than no where! 

Xxx Kate


There was some talk about hosting a Pleroma installation on the indy.im
domain, but I think a lack of person power to do it.  I don't have an
interest in running a Mastodon instance.


On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 12:13:57PM +0200, bou wrote:
> So it can be set up on indy.im. I can send an invitation but it needs to
> be sent to an email address from where to admin it.
> Options. shall i send it to:
> a) hacktionlab-owner at lists.aktivix.org
> b) seankenny at gmail.com
> c) some other alias so it can be administered collectively?
> b.

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