[HacktionLab] Online document editing software (free (as in beer))?

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Mon Apr 4 10:37:37 UTC 2022


I've just been using Nextcloud as a web service, so haven't run into  
the problem of syncing local files. I know to watch out for it now!

In terms of basic setup, it was very easy on Cloudron. ~5min of  

The Keycloak config has been more complicated, but I'm trying to sync  
user groups from Humhub > Nextcloud > Rocketchat. The problems I have  
are not been Nextclouds fault.

I do wish I could improve the initial page load using Onlyoffice. As  
Charlie notes it works fine once loaded, but a 10-20 sec load time is  
not what people expect in 2022.



Quoting Charlie Harvey <charlie at newint.org>:

> Hi,
> We use nextcloud at NI. We have a mix of WebDAV and web users over Mac,
> Linux and Windows. I have hit the problem that Naomi describes with
> editing files and then resaving creating a new file instead of updating
> the existing file.
> We also use onlyoffice - which isn't too slow for us - I've not tested
> but completely subjectively it feels slower than googledocs to load but
> fine thereafter. I don't suppose we'd have more than 10 people at a time
> on a document.
> WebDAV is slow - the Apple implementation is especially bad (it reads
> every file in a directory tree before displaying ther tree). You have to
> use the nextcloud app (think dropbox) on Macs. On windows we're using a
> freeware thing called RaiDrive that is a lot more performant than the
> windows implementation. Linux works out of the box, but you can boost
> performance a bit by tweaking.
> We don't use e2ee features, but I've heard there's problems too (though
> also have no source).
> The chat feature doesn't work especially well because there's no email
> notifs and the desktop notifs tend to vanish before people notice them.
> There's phone apps which are tolerable.
> The videoconferencing tool only works for meetings between 2 or 3
> people. Any more than that and they want you to pay big money.
> There is a really, really good CalDAV implementation - much better than
> Davical which we were using before.
> Cheers,
> On 03/04/2022 11:29, mark wrote:
>> On 03/04/2022 10:47, Naomi wrote:
>>> Another perspective on nextcloud: We use it at autonomic and it's
>>> quite a pain tbh.
>> On 02/04/2022 20:48, sam at bristolwireless.net wrote:
>>>> I use Nextcloud on a https://www.cloudron.io/ instance.
>> Similarly, aktivix has been thinking about setting up a nextcloud
>> server, so I'm following this thread with interest. We have an old
>> owncloud server that's condemned, pending an alternative being set up.
>> I've been told (sorry I have no references) that nextcloud's e2ee is
>> very poor and that seafile would be better.
>> Does anyone have any experience with that?
>> Cheers all,
>> Mark
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