[HacktionLab] Online document editing software (free (as in beer))?

Charlie Harvey charlie at newint.org
Mon Apr 4 09:31:32 UTC 2022


We use nextcloud at NI. We have a mix of WebDAV and web users over Mac,
Linux and Windows. I have hit the problem that Naomi describes with
editing files and then resaving creating a new file instead of updating
the existing file.

We also use onlyoffice - which isn't too slow for us - I've not tested
but completely subjectively it feels slower than googledocs to load but
fine thereafter. I don't suppose we'd have more than 10 people at a time
on a document.

WebDAV is slow - the Apple implementation is especially bad (it reads
every file in a directory tree before displaying ther tree). You have to
use the nextcloud app (think dropbox) on Macs. On windows we're using a
freeware thing called RaiDrive that is a lot more performant than the
windows implementation. Linux works out of the box, but you can boost
performance a bit by tweaking.

We don't use e2ee features, but I've heard there's problems too (though
also have no source).

The chat feature doesn't work especially well because there's no email
notifs and the desktop notifs tend to vanish before people notice them.
There's phone apps which are tolerable.

The videoconferencing tool only works for meetings between 2 or 3
people. Any more than that and they want you to pay big money.

There is a really, really good CalDAV implementation - much better than
Davical which we were using before.


On 03/04/2022 11:29, mark wrote:
> On 03/04/2022 10:47, Naomi wrote:
>> Another perspective on nextcloud: We use it at autonomic and it's
>> quite a pain tbh.
> On 02/04/2022 20:48, sam at bristolwireless.net wrote:
>>> I use Nextcloud on a https://www.cloudron.io/ instance.
> Similarly, aktivix has been thinking about setting up a nextcloud
> server, so I'm following this thread with interest. We have an old
> owncloud server that's condemned, pending an alternative being set up.
> I've been told (sorry I have no references) that nextcloud's e2ee is
> very poor and that seafile would be better.
> Does anyone have any experience with that?
> Cheers all,
> Mark
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