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*44 Organizations, 8 dynamic panels, infinite **learning possibilities
*(not to mention food, beer & wine, live music, kids' activities, and one
amazing keynote speaker)*:
Introducing the Muddy Boot Festival workshop series!
**Next weekend, September 11-13*

* *

The Muddy Boot Organic Festival <http://www.muddyboot.org/> is a beloved and
vibrant community celebration of sustainability, which kicks off September
11 with a Keynote Address by internationally known author and
environmentalist Bill McKibben, of 350.org. The two-day festival continues
September 12 and 13 with local exhibitors, delicious food and drink, stellar
live music, hands-on kids' activities and a set of **dynamic panel
discussions and workshops** highlighting some of Portland's leading
social-change organizations.  Don't miss the chance to witness and learn
from **multiple viewpoints** addressing some of our most pressing issues!
The workshops will be held inside the festival grounds at SE 16th and
Division.  More details about the festival, and info about how to buy
tickets to Bill McKibben's Keynote Address, can be found on our website at
www.muddyboot.org .  The full workshop schedule is below.**

* *

Sat. 9/12, noon-1:30pm*

As the concepts of “green” and “sustainable” become popularized, we need to
learn how to read through taglines and catchy phrases of the green movement
to unearth the truth behind the products we buy and choices we make in our
day-to-day lives.  Hear from The Food
Alliance<http://www.foodalliance.org/>about how to read food labels.
Learn from an expert at Marketing for the
Eco-Minded<http://www.greenrisingmarketing.com/>how to avoid getting
Hear the secrets of conscious consumption with the folks at Sustainable
Living on a Budget <http://www.sustainablebudget.com/>.  And consider the
complex choices with vegetarianism with Northwest Veg<http://www.nwveg.org/>

* *

**Sat. 9/12, 1-2:30pm***

This panel discussion will reveal inside details about one of the most
complicated and important issues of our day: climate change.  Hear from Mayor
Sam Adams <http://www.portlandonline.com/mayor/> about the 2009 Climate
Action Plan <http://www.portlandonline.com/bps/index.cfm?c=41896>, the
city’s 40-year roadmap for the institutional and individual change needed to
reach the ambitious goal of reducing local carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.
Learn from Brian Frank and Rising Tide North
America<http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org/>about how climate
change can only be addressed by merging social justice
with environmentalism. Brian will teach us about confronting corporate power
and exposing the greenwashing of dirty energy.  Then weave in another layer
of climate change with Latham Stack <http://www.syntectic.com/>, a
researcher who reminds us that we need to focus on infrastructural
adaptation and not just mitigation.  Finally, get involved with one of the
largest movements in the world: a day of action on October 24th, facilitated
by 350.org <http://www.350.org/>, whose founder Bill McKibben, is Muddy
Boot’s keynote speaker on Friday, Sept. 11.  This panel will be moderated by
Leslie Carlson, Co-chair of the Portland-Multnomah Sustainable Development

Sat. 9/12, 2-3:30pm*

Portlanders love bicycles!  Come to this workshop to meet some of the
leaders of Portland’s phenomenal bike culture.  First hear directly from the
bike specialist in the Department of
the context and features of Portland’s wide world of biking.
Then learn from the Bicycle Transportation
Alliance<http://www.bta4bikes.org/>about bike safety, commuter
challenges and traffic laws demystified.
Hear from Clever Cycles <http://clevercycles.com/> about solutions for
families -- ride with your children!  Finally, meet the folks at
sparks of bike fun across Portland, hosts of Breakfast on the Bridges and
major forces of Pedalpalooza!

**Sat. 9/12, 3-4 pm
*Residential solar power <http://www.solaroregon.org/>!

**Sat. 9/12, 4-5 pm*
Residential wind power <http://www.abundantre.com/>!

**Sat. 9/12, 4-5:30pm*

Learn how to look at your home through the eyes of sustainability!  Sustainable
Solutions <http://www.solutions21st.com/> will take you though a home
performance energy audit, looking at efficiency and renewables.  The
EnviroMoms <http://www.enviromom.com/> will walk you through a room-by-room
inventory of your family's waste and reveal areas where you can reduce/reuse
and recycle, instead of throw away. Set up a 'beyond curbside recycling'
reuse/recycling center!  The Oregon Center for Environmental
Health<http://www.oregon-health.org/>will share a non-toxics audit
with you. Portland
Purple Rain <http://www.pdxpurple.com/> will help you figure out where you
are saving and losing water. And Kaya
Construction<http://www.kayaconstruction.com/>will teach you about
green building.
This panel will be moderated by Mike O’Brien, a local green building and
sustainability expert who worked for many years at the Portland Office of
Sustainable Development.


* *

Sun. 9/13, noon-1:30pm*

Last fall the crashing economic market revealed the need for strong local
systems and community support. Groups all over Portland came together in
community forums crossing social and economic boundaries to brainstorm ways
to address our needs.  The immense strength of Portland’s creative and
committed communities emerged as ideas integrated ecological, economic  and
social needs.  Join some of the leaders of these community forums and hear
what they discovered and how you can get involved. This panel will be hosted
by Transition PDX <http://www.thedirt.org/tpdx>, Our United
Bright Neighbor <http://www.brightneighbor.com/>, The City Repair
Project<http://cityrepair.org/>and the Neighborhood
Emergency Teams <http://www.pdxprepared.net/>, and moderated by Tod Sloan,
Department Chair of Lewis and Clark College’s School of Counseling

* *

Sun. 9/13, 1-2pm
*Outside with the Taoist Tai Chi Society <http://www.taoist.org/>. **

* *

Sun. 9/13, 1-2:30pm*

Part of Portland’s fame with engaged citizenry affecting city planning sits
with the many interesting bridges between local government and community
members.  Learn the ins and outs of some of our most successful bridging
groups:  The Portland/Multnomah Food Policy
City of Portland Bureau of Planning and
Vision into Action Coalition <http://www.visionpdx.com/> (the evolution of
Mayor Tom Potter’s visionPDX initiative), Multnomah County Green
Team<http://www.thedirt.org/MultCoGreenTeam>and Recode
Portland <http://www.recodeoregon.net/> (a grassroots group that just
succeeded in legalizing the re-use of greywater across the state of Oregon).

* *

Sun. 9/13, 2:30-3:30pm*

What is media’s responsibility in our movement to sustainability?  What are
their influences and motives?  Open the airways for a lively discussion with
some of Portland’s leading media outlets for widespread information about
sustainable culture:  Hank Stern, Managing News Editor of Willamette
Steve Clark, President of the Portland Tribune/Community Newspapers (home of
the Sustainable Lifestyles
Becky Brun, editor of Sustainable
; and Trillium Shannon, KBOO Community Radio <http://www.kboo.org/> AM News
and Public Affairs Director, and co-founder of the Grassroots Media

* *

**Sun. 9/13, 4-5:30pm*

We love food and we love it growing in our yards!  Come to this workshop to
walk through fun steps of urban food production!  Donna and Robyn, Your
Backyard Farmers <http://www.yourbackyardfarmer.com/>, will speak on their
experiences with the growing movement of urban farming; Katie from the Portland
Fruit Tree Project <http://portlandfruit.org/> will help you capture the
abundance of streetside trees; Rodney from Growing
Gardens<http://www.growing-gardens.org/>will teach you all about
composting; and Harriet from
Preserve <http://www.portlandpreserve.com/> will offer perspective on the
whole-life system of food preservation.  Yum! Dave Barmon of Fiddlehead
Designs <http://fiddleheadlandscapes.com/> will facilitate this lively

**Sun. 9/13, 4-5pm*

Have you ever participated in a Northwest Earth
Institute<http://www.nwei.org/>discussion course?   Have you been
thinking about organizing a discussion
course for a  while, but haven't quite gotten around to it? Reconnect with
course participants and NWEI volunteers over the years! Share inspiring
stories about the positive changes that have happened courses. Learn about
our newest courses-Sustainable Systems at Work, and Menu for the Future (our
most popular).

* *

**Sun. 9/13, 5-6pm*

Meet your neighbors interested in all aspects of sustainability!  Compare
notes, share ideas, learn about the neighborhood association's green team,
and more!  If you live in the Hosford-Abernathy neighborhood, or are
interested in neighborhood organizing, come share your thoughts!

* *
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