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EVENT DATE CORRECTION & VOLUNTEERS APPEAL ________________________________________________________ 
Just a short email to point out that the ‘Set into Song’ event is to take place on Wednesday 30th July, not the 30th June as previously advertised. If you have posted this event on your own listings please could you amend the date. Thank you. Also, we are looking for volunteers to help out around the shop – please see below for more information.(talk/book event) ‘Set into Song: the impact of the Radio Ballads’ with Peter CoxWednesday 30th July – 7pm Peter Cox's new book ‘Set Into Song - Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker, Peggy Seeger and the Radio Ballads’ tells the story of a remarkable collaboration, one which produced a groundbreaking series of eight hour-long radio programmes for the BBC. The first, The Ballad of John Axon, was originally broadcast on 2 July 1958, and this evenings event will be marking its 50th anniversary.Uniquely, the programmes took the speech of working people, until then almost always voiced by actors, and allowed them to tell their own stories. They told them into the new 'Midget' mobile tape recorder wherever they lived and worked - in railway yards, on fishing vessels, down pits, on bulldozers, in Traveller encampments. Their stories were woven together by Ewan MacColl with songs that he wrote specially for the programmes, after listening intensely to the language and rhythms of the voices, and by the young Peggy Seeger, who designed the musical setting and directed the performers. The programmes were rehearsed and recorded under the overall direction of the visionary Birmingham radio producer Charles Parker, a pioneer of the new painstaking art of tape splicing.The radio ballads were hugely influential on what became the folk revival movement, and broke ground in challenging the domination of ‘Queen’s English’ on the BBC. Peter Cox lovingly explores this subject in his new book, and in this evening’s talk he will be playing extracts from the ballads and recounting his research.http://www.setintosong.co.uk/Listen to the original radio ballads here:http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/radioballads/original/index.shtml________________________________________________________ 
DO YOU LOVE THE WORLD OF RADICAL PUBLISHING? DO YOU HAVE TIME TO SPARE?…Then why not volunteer at Housmans? At a time when many independent bookshop have gone out of business Housmans continues to survive – but it can only do so with your continued support. We always need help to host our many in-store events, run occasional bookstalls and also to staff the shop. If you think you might be able to help out please call 020 7837 4473 and ask to speak to Malcolm or Mo. We look forward to hearing from you.________________________________________________________ **********************www.housmans.com Housmans 5 Caledonian Road King’s CrossLondon N1 9DXt: 020 7837 4473 e: shop at housmans.comIf you want to be removed from this email list please send an email to nik(at)housmans.com with ‘unsubscribe newsletter’ in the subject field. To subscribe to the newsletter please email nik(at)housmans.com with ‘subscribe newsletter’ in the subject field. “Support the shop that supports your campaigns!”
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