[matilda] Use of Identifiable names in archives

R&A robin_amparo at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Aug 7 02:43:32 BST 2005

Just you didn't address your email message to one person (the person 
concerned), therefore, without having read  the message provoking your 
reply, i couldn't understand.

Of course i second the policy, for the same reasons as yourself.

I have lots of sensitivity, unfortunately.


>whats not to understand ??
>some people make an effort to remain anonymous on the web, and use different
>personas to post to differerent lists, maintaining different email addresses
>for different discussions and perhaps using differnet ISP's to seperate their
>work, family, political and social lives.  This is completely different from
>having closed archives.  Yes Iwant my comments to be archived.. No I do not
>want my home phone number becoming linked or childs school becoming linked to
>my comments.  Just because you have talked face 2 face in a private
>conversation with Alan Dawson does not mean he wants that fact being placed in
>the public domain.  
>Have some sensitivity!!!


Please, never despise the translator. She is the mailman of human civilisation.

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