[matilda] Lost Film Fest in Sheffield

@mp amparo2yo at telefonica.net
Fri Jul 1 22:08:49 BST 2005

if you come back from Scotland "safe and whole", there will be some days
to prepare the press release, if need be,
with everyone else involved... for July 11th I mean... after all, final
decisions will take months to reach. BTW we may also attract foes

I was going to suggest a view of the Christiania (Copenhaguen)
alternative movement and there semiautonomous village which has already
lasted 30 years,


Christianites  got their own representative before the city council, perhaps
we could do the same some day...Matilda would be the core or first house
of the mole housing development.

Of course the legal part is important and needs to be prepared at least
verbally I mean,
(we all need to know what to say, to whom, when, etc.) (?)  Couldn't
some minitraining be provided?


dougald hine wrote:
> Mozaz -
> We're not ready to launch the project yet.
> We have talked about lots of fantastic ideas, but final decisions 
> about what MATILDA is going to be and do have not been made - and 
> CAN'T be made until the 18th at the very earliest.

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