[matilda] A few thoughts on publicity, and on dreaming

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Sun Jul 3 22:03:27 BST 2005

hay people so where are we oh yes earth.. wellcome to this place here we make
every effort to change it into our dreams when awake.. this awake ness takes
meny forms.. we have to deal with it any which we can for nightmares often
happen in this state of mind.. yes i love the idea of a zine.. urbanparanoia
used to print and publish one called collceable anorak.. plus we can print
(there was a print press at matilda and we know where it is stashed)we have
a mobile dark room and the web skills.. urbanparanoia have had a desire to do a
web based zine project.. so dan something like mambo would be cool for this..
you see while i have left earth over the last few days i have been thinking..
oh it was cool to see mitilda logo on those posters on my path to a very awsome
walk.. where i hugged trees swam naked in the river.. then smoked some more..
lost my mind at the side of morehall (if found return).. yes i feel fucking
good no better than good rather blinding allright one is tripping as i write
this i have lost my mind any how the bong is alight againe the wine is chilled
and the tunes are oh well lets not go there.. have a un good babes.. make love
not war.. hugg trees and people..

hang there we are returning back home to our earth..
as i was the other day http://www.geocities.com/zomazrevolution/realzomaz.html

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