[matilda] A few thoughts on publicity, and on dreaming

dougald hine writetodougald at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 17:17:23 BST 2005

> > If we could get have a summer school of some live-in
> > youths as amp seems to be suggesting here, a collective exploration of
> > what a maximum democracy society should look like...

Exciting to see so many great ideas buzzing around! 

Re: live-in stuff, though, I just thought it was worth reminding
people that (except for providing short-term crash-space, as we did
during the G8 week) Mark says this is a no-no for the building, and
that was accepted by the June meeting.

Not wanting to pour cold water on all the creativity that's going on,
though, and I hope others are up for developing live-in spaces
elsewhere as something connected to MATILDA - I think Joe (?) was
talking about this on Wednesday...

See some of you in Scotland!

Dougald Hine
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