[matilda] Conservation and Livework

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Tue Jul 12 23:26:40 BST 2005

Hey up

Some info

1. From the CIQ newsletter -

Here's a link  - http://www.ciq.org.uk/downloads/Issue_12.pdf  -to the 
PDF for issue 12 of 'The Quarterly', the CIQ's newsletter.

It contains a very interesting section entitled 'Conservation and 
Regeneration in the Cultural Industries Quarter', which outlines how the 
Townscape Heritage Initiative is helping to save the heritage of the CIQ.

Currently, they have plans for Butcher Works. Matilda isn't anywhere on 
the map. But this document shows that, in principle, conservation is the 
way forward - or so they claim.

"The main aim of the THI is to make possible the continued viable use of 
the buildings that make up the special architectural character of 
historic urban areas,contributing to the sustainability of local 
communities and economies."

Apparently, there are five projects for 2005. The CIQ contact is 
richard.king at ciq.org.uk.

2. There's a 'livework' project afoot somewhere in the CIQ.  It may be 
Butcher Works, but I'm not sure.  See http://www.liveworknet.com/ for 
the concept.  It's not dissimilar to what I've heard from xxx about what 
could happen at Matilda.

This is all just collecting ideas for the mooching over of...  I've 
started to stick em on the WIKI at 

Question follows...



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