[matilda] Question...

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Tue Jul 12 23:29:31 BST 2005

So the question is: do we start asking around to find out what the CIQ 
plan is?  I'd say: might as well as soon as possible. 

Why?  Coz it's absolutely certain that they haven't just forgotten that 
Matilda's there!  So it'll be best if we can find out what's going on ASAP.

 From their point of view, it may be easier just to leave us there, if 
their plans don't involve the area for six months to a year, or 
whatever.  Why expend energy on it?

That's unless we start making a nuisance of ourselves, which is quite 

At any rate, I bet Matilda doesn't make it into the next CIQ newsletter...!


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