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Hello, anybody willing to create a logo for a good cause? (Please read on)
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Hi all, a vigil has been called for Friday 15th July
against *all* terrorism, with the slogan 'London, Fallujah,
No More Bombs'. It's to be held at 6pm in Altabali Park in
East London, and will have the support of the local

In addition, at a snap meeting in London yesterday some of
us agreed to push forward with the slogan 'Their war, our
dead', which was the one raised in Spain that had the
effect of turning the anger against the terrorist leaders
of both 'sides'. We'll want to see posters, stickers
(t-shirts?) and banners and placards with this slogan on.
  Right now the idea is to network the slogan, rather than
to make it the basis of any group -- it could be linked
back to an open publishing website where the diverse groups
and individuals who feel an affinity to the slogan could
express what they see it as meaning.

One thing we need to do is to design the slogan into a
logo. Is anyone up for doing that? In order to propagate
it, sympathetic websites could display it on their front
page. Are any of you willing, in principle, to do this?

Please pass this message along your networks as far as

Many thanks
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