[matilda] Sustainable Development

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu Jul 14 11:52:49 BST 2005

Here is what Yorkshire Forword say

"We are, in Yorkshire and Humber, and across the developed world, using more
resources than we have available to us in the long term. We need to change the
way we use resources now, to make sure we and our children have options in the
future. Sustainable development is also important in our region as it is a way
of bridging the gaps between the best and the worst and enabling everyone to
have the same opportunities.

And perhaps most immediate, and most obvious, is that sustainable development
ensures quality of life - we look after the fantastic, high quality environment
that the regional already has, and we work to improve the quality of parts of
the region which are currently not as valuable."

Matlida needs work doing to her she is old and worn down however should she face
demolition? Well no she has a future a vital role to play.

Here we have a very real opertunaty to show she has a future. There are no plans
at this moment. Yes Hallem uni have sold her to yorkshire foroword and what is
understood there are no plans.

The plans for the ciq as thay stand are to make a new gateway to sheffield city
centre ie the work and demoltion going on and around the train Station.

This could take up to anther year. Then the focuss will move to land around
matlida and matlida itself. We suspect thay will desire to demolish this grand
old lady.

So what can we do in the meantime? Sustainable Development and Sustainable
protest is where i have been thinking towords for a while. I have a very keen
intrest in Sustainable futures.

Matlida gives us both these oppertunatys here we can recycle re use a very old
tired lady and create a community such as the sheffield social forum has made
effrts to do.

Here we have an oppertunaty think about this an hack lab that is run on wind and
sun power and also wireless internet sounds to much of a utopian idea?

Well no and it can be done? A roof garden could grow enough food to feed upto
100 perhaps 150 people from it produce.

There is so much opertunatys for us to show how Sustainable MATLIDA can and
should be.

Yorkshire forword talk and say thay will not demolish a bulding if it can be
Sustainable well we have another year and more here lets start to think and
implament and when thay come to get us out we can show them by example how
matlida can and should be an argument for more Sustainable future.


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