[matilda] Facilitators (and others) get together to Structure Monday Meeting

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Sat Jul 16 18:06:09 BST 2005

--- Benjamin Major <complexitybenjamin at hotmail.com>
... Are there a few minds who have a clear agenda
idea, or who want to spend an hour over a coffee
discussing an agenda...


Following on from a conversation with a few other
people involved in M.A.T.I.L.D.A. I have asked an
external facilitator (with lots of political
experience from the directions were coming from) to be
the lead facilitator of the meeting on Monday.

I suggested that he met with Steve (taking him up on
his offer to co-facilitate) and anyone else who wants
to input into the structure of Monday's meeting - an
hour before the meeting starts.


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>yes i have them and will bring them monday unless you
want to write them i can
>get them to you b4 then.. just a little paranoia but
can we not use first names
>unless the person is happy with doing so.. as you
will note hippys have been
>cleaning the stairs media lab and now are on the
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