[matilda] Monday Meeting.

Anthony Mullen ant_mullen at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 16 18:13:15 BST 2005

--- Benjamin Major <complexitybenjamin at hotmail.com>

So yes, let's get to it. No spiralling into circular
discussions on power structures in this meeting- just
steps towards practical action, yes? ...

Whilst I agree with Ben that we should get on with all
the cool projects that people want to start, I think
we should not let structure pass by.  I think there
are some organisational points that will be a lot
easier to resolve at this stage than trying to change
ways of working when problems appear down the line and
people have already invested time and effort in their
projects.  I would propose that we have strictly time
limited disucssions on organisational points, PGA
Hallmarks, How we are going to organise as a
collective or collective of collectives, etc. in order
to air the issues and start discussion.  And maybe
schedule time at future meetings to reach consenus on
this issues.

Let me be clear though that I think most of Monday's
meeting should be spent doing practical organising of



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>yes i have them and will bring them monday unless you
want to write them i can
>get them to you b4 then.. just a little paranoia but
can we not use first names
>unless the person is happy with doing so.. as you
will note hippys have been
>cleaning the stairs media lab and now are on the
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