[matilda] Venezuela film night - good plan?

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Tue Jul 19 12:37:22 BST 2005

Hallo all,

So! In line with our outline Matilda rules, does anyone want to veto the 
following? If not, does anyone want to help organise? (E.g. by telling 
me how to make it work / where to get a PC projector from!) If we say 
yes, we'd probably want a 14-18 day run-up to publicise properly / for 
me to buy the DVDs... (Publicity is what I'm particularly bad at - help 

Proposal: a Venezuelan Film night, including a discussion with the 
director, Nina Lopez - if we can cover her train fare. (I'm sure we 
can!) (They're premiering on 24th July in London.)

Theme: sex, race and class in revolutionary Venezuela

Talking of Power - 62 mins
 From the hills of Caracas to the banks of the Orinoco, the grassroots 
tell us how they are changing our world. ("Talking of Power is a solid 
and exciting documentary that offers a glimpse of new ways of re-making 
the world and women's role at the heart of it." Rod Stoneman, director 
of the prestigious Huston School of Film and Digital Media, National 
University of Ireland)

The Bolivarian revolution: Enter the Oil Workers! - 34 min.
Four oil workers tell how they saved Venezuela's nationalised oil 
company from a CIA coup, and how they’re organising to “put the oil 
industry at the service of humanity”.

Produced by the Global Women’s Strike
Directed by Nina López
Spanish with English subtitles

“The people from the 'barrio' built the city twice: during the day we 
built the houses of the well-off; at night and at weekends, with 
solidarity, we built our own homes, our 'barrio'.” Andrés Antillano, 
Urban Land Committee, La Vega

“Neoliberalism increases women’s workload. Who suffers most, who works 
most when health services are privatised? Women, mothers… The highest 
participation in the Missions: women . . . Social security for 
housewives is a constitutional mandate.” President Hugo Chávez

“Our president is discriminated against because he is Black and because 
he is the president of the poor. We never counted for anything, only for 
work. Now things have changed for us the poor.” Epifania Mayora, Tarmas

“Bolivarian ideology: grassroots self-management…The majority in the 
land committees are women”. Juanita Romero, Urban Land Committee

“ Power is about doing and achieving for the benefit of all, of the 
collective. No one can speak for us, we must all speak for ourselves.” 
Angélica Álvarez, Women’s Development Bank

“Women's organizations have greater clarity. With men there is the 
problem of power . . . Our revolution depends on women, no question.” 
Gastón Murat, Bolivarian Workers Power, Los Teques

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