[imc-sheffield] Re: [matilda] Cafe, film and other stuff night...?

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Mon Jul 25 21:59:01 BST 2005


On Tue 19-Jul-2005 at 09:57:27PM +0100, Chris wrote:
> This is an idea for screening some Indymedia films.
> On Tue 19-Jul-2005 at 11:56:56AM +0100, Dan wrote:
> > 
> > Ruth and me talked about the first cafe-night - we
> > were thinking Thursday 28th July in the evening.
> I was thinking the Notts IMC Sheffield G8 film and the
> Sheffield G8 film James has done, both are 15mins long,
> perhaps the film makers would be able to make it on the
> night as well?
> What Sheffield Indymedia needs to sort out is a
> projector (is the Commedia one available?) and someone
> to go along with a laptop and do the screening -- any
> volunteers?

I was hoping the above might get sorted at tonights
meeting... Are any Indymedia people available for Thursday
night and is anyone able to borrow a projector and make
this happen? 

There is a net connected computer that the projector could
be connected to already.

I *might* be able to make it but I don't know at the


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