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The meeting started at 8:20ish and there were around 25 people present.

Some notes taken during the meeting

A group agreement for the running of the meeting was suggested by the person facilitating the meeting and then people introduced themselves.

Group agreement

The following rules for meetings were agreed:

    * Using hand signals was agreed (though it wasn't clear exactly which ones were agreed... or what they all mean...)
    * Don't speak over each other
    * No smoking except at outside meetings
    * No racist, sexist, homophobic language to be used
    * Meetings to start promptly
    * Only come to meetings if you are not so intoxicated (by owt) as to be able to contribute usefully 

Issues from the previous meeting

    * Ground rules
    * Guiding principals 

Working groups

    * Legal and long term future group - had a meeting, have made contact with a friendly laywer and Councilor Jillian Creasy. One idea that was discussed was applying to get the building listed. The next meeting is at 6pm on Thursday.
    * Cleaning, borrowing a steam cleaner and vaccum cleaner was agreed
    * Cafe collective - social night on Thursday, info stall at Shefstock (http://www.shefstock.some.org.uk/) - help is needed for Shefstock
    * Biodeisel, a list of things needed (http://lists.aktivix.org/pipermail/matilda/2005-July/000126.html) has been posted to the list. Concerns were raised about health and safety and insurance issues.
    * Hacklab, should be up and running soon, the benches still to be built and computers will need moving in.
    * Library, nobody was able to report progress 

Events from the last week

    * Consensus workshop from Seeds of Change (http://www.seedsforchange.org.uk/), was very positive.
    * Saturday zine reading went well 

Various issues

    * A free stall for free stuff was suggested
    * Skip rading for useful stuff was suggested
    * It was raised that the agreement at the last meeting for selling magazines at the zine reading only applied to that event.
    * Hosting a skill share weekend was suggested
    * A security working group for events was discussed and people will meet to discuss from 6 on Thursday 

Ground rules

Some general rules for the space were agreed

    * No non-consensual violence
    * Events should be proposed email list (http://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/matilda) / notice board and people should have the chance to veto via them
    * No harrassment including including sexual and racial harrassment
    * No thieving off each other or the building 

There were other issues that need further discussion

    * No for-profit activities
    * Drink / drugs policy
    * The space should be open to everyone who abides with the ground rules
    * PGA Hallmarks (http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/free/pga/hallm.htm) to be discussed at the next meeting
    * No fascists / neo-nazis 

Getting things done

Issues to discuss in smaller groups

    * Cleaning group - volunteers needed
    * Weekly social / food evening
    * Visiting other social centres
    * Help is needed with wood work (eg building work benches etc)
    * Skills audit - who can help with what?
    * Permaculture
    * Caretaker / security (keys etc) / room booking tasks need sharing out
    * Biodeisel
    * Darkroom, work is underway 


    * G8 legal support - info on notice board
    * DIY festival this weekend
    * Filthy radical radio show is due to to continue
    * Beta web page (http://lists.aktivix.org/pipermail/matilda/2005-July/000128.html)
    * Prisoner support
    * Massage class on Wednesday 7:30pm
    * Sandwich board for announcments / news on the street 

Next meeting

7:30pm Monday, 1 August, main agenda item - politics and aims etc
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