[matilda] Other website suggestions

dan at aktivix.org dan at aktivix.org
Mon Jul 25 22:42:44 BST 2005


Another idea for website way forward: use Mambo. 

Mambo is a 'content management system' - which means that it can be used and
edited by a wide range of different people.  For example, different collectives
could have their own sections, and post their own news, images etc.

It may or may not be too complicated... but here's two examples I've set up. 
One's live, and seems to be working well.  The other is still testing...


(An 'active learning for active citizenship' site for South Yorkshire.  Home
Office funded.  Tee hee!)


Demo UK cohousing website.  Not yet live - but illustrates that the appearance
of the site can be completely separate from the content, so we could have the
MATILDA site look how we want.

Could be too much for our needs, not sure.  But could be fun.

Mozaz doesn't like it coz the HTML is too convoluted.  Bah.




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