[matilda] Other website suggestions

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Wed Jul 27 11:42:26 BST 2005

yes just my own hang up on code comeing from the old school of doing things.. i
very much like the idea of a static front page and then a wicki for the rest..
indeed we could build our own server for this.. so we do not have to sqaut the
sf pages.. plus we can have our own style.. we could even have a static front
page and the rest in mambo.. but as chris and i would agree here.. i feel not
abel to commit to keeping the backend of a mambo web page going.. if you ad are
happy or there are others ie dan who would do the task of keeping the backend of
mambo going then lets go for this.. befor this happens we need to form a web
group.. we hope to have the structure for the hack lab ready in the next few
days.. indeed i think the hack lab / web page needs to be an agenda item for
mondays meeting.. are there others with thoughts on this like to join the
myself chris ad dan in getting the web page going..

alan chris proposed a e mail list for the hack lab can you do one? while here
can we also have a matilda at aktivix.org so those who desire to contact us direct
can do so without joining a e mail list..


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