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Chris chris at
Wed Jul 27 12:49:24 BST 2005


On Wed 27-Jul-2005 at 03:42:26AM -0700,
worldwarfree at wrote:
> can we also have a matilda at so those who
> desire to contact us direct can do so without joining a
> e mail list..

Well people can post to this list if they are non members,
what I have been doing is manually approving these emails
and also adding people to a list of addresses who can post
to the list without being members. 

This is OK as long as people are happy with their emails
being publically archived, if there is a need for a
private email address for contacting the Matilda
collective then I suggest we could ask for
matilda-contact at (and perhaps
matilda at as an alias for this) and set this up
with private archives and then peole who wanted to deal
with these emails could join this list...


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