Grand Matilda opening night 27th Oct, was: Re: [matilda] Notes from the meeting on 17th October 2005

Chris chris at
Tue Oct 18 09:31:36 BST 2005


The meeting continued after I sent these notes last

And it became apparent that the opening night of Art 05 on
27th October is actually going to be *the* Matilda opening

The suggestion we that the whole building be open on that
night and that other people in the CIQ be invited in to
see what is happening in the building...

By this time there were perhaps 6 people left in the

I think that this means that we no longer need to hold
back with publicising the place, we should do Matilda
flyers, and some outreach to let people know the place is
open and what is happening.

Perhaps we should also try to get a Matilda web site
together -- we could simply have a static page or two with
information that doesn't need updating and some nice
graphics and then point to the wiki for the latest info...


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