[matilda] the future of parties at matilda

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Wed Jan 4 12:51:52 GMT 2006

Hello Cuthbert, first can i thank you for being so honest and open and
accepting of what i was saying: However my e mail was not just about
events at Matilda but a wider thought about Matilda and it,s future if
your example of being honest and open is followed then we might just make
some move foroword i have no desire to sound negative however thats how
things stand at this moment:

2006 was always going to be a very serious year for myself and already
this is proving to be just that read here


and again here


There is a lot more on my own agenda Sheffield Squatters Support Group are
sadly very busy at this moment:

So what context does this have with Matilda? I feel i shoul;d simply walk
however my love of Sheffield, The people and very vibrant Music Scene
along with the Urabn Regeneration of Sheffield plays a serious part in why
i feel Matilda has a role to play in all of this and rightly should do:

ATW please re-read Cuthbert's e mail, take it into the context and i'm
sure you will see it is not so negative and as said open and honest:


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