[matilda] !! Shout out for bodies, We need people here now !!

a b duplicitoussuitsspoutshit at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 08:52:34 BST 2006

Duplicitous suits have turned up in bulk at 8:15am and are now (8:45am) changing the locks, contrary to what was said yesterday. Can anyone who is able and gives a shit please get down here now. To begin with they told us that they were not going to ask us to leave. True to their word, but leaking shit from their smug and condescending faces (Hey - I'm a media luvvie, we can work together, lets do lunch, ciao! etc...) we have now been told that if we do not leave the police will be called to arrest us as trespassers. 
  We are physically outnumbered and could use some props. Any volunteers...? 
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