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northern eco-action gathering is 11 and 12th november, in leeds
or email northern at eco-action.org

climate march next saturday 4th november - contact rebecca on 07870 565011 
or email rebeccabryson at hotmail.com  if you want to reserve a space on the 

below is  some stuff about tree planting  which is dead nice.

also if anyone is free monday daytime from about 10ish and wants to help 
with a wee bit of banner dropping email me (off list) or ring me on 
cheers,  Julie x

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Subject: Earth First treeplanting weekends
From:    "Merrick" <merrick at resist.ca>
Date:    Sun, September 24, 2006 2:21 pm
To:      merrick at resist.ca

Well the summer's dwindling and the dark winter nights trundle over the
horizon, so naturally our thoughts turn once more to getting out up on
some windswept Pennine moor and planting some trees.

I've booked two Earth First! treeplanting weekends with Treesponsibility.

If you've not been before, it basically works like this. We stay Friday
and Saturday night in a camping barn somewhere in the Pennines. nice and
cosy, but no beds so bring your own sleeping bag, rollmat, etc.

We get up and go out and plant trees all day Saturday. In the evening we
generally get pissed and be a bit lairy, getting up Sunday to heal our
desiccated hungover brains by planting trees all day again, and go home
when it gets dark.

It's physical work outdoors, so it's essential to bring warm clothes, good
boots and waterproofs. It doesn't matter at all if you've not done it
before. It's not complicated stuff, and there's no slave driving, you work
at whatever pace and level suits you.

There'll be pick-ups from Hebden Bridge railway station at 6-7pm on the
Friday night so it's easy to get there by public transport (and lifts back
to the station on Sunday). If you're going to arrive some other time (or
even if you're not and want to guard against owt going tits up), I'll have
my phone on and should be able to sort stuff out: 07962 451762.

It costs £20 all in, accommodation and food (vegan) included.


Friday 24th-Sunday 26th November.
staying at Widdop Gate, Hardcastle Crags

Friday 9th-Sunday 11th February
staying at Slack Top Centre, Heptonstall

That one's quite a way off, but best to get this sort of thing into your
diary well in advance I reckon.

If you want to get some in before then, there's the Treesponsibility
Autumn Gathering Friday 6th-Sunday 8th October, staying at Height Gate
Hostel. That'll have workshops on how Treesponsibility works, how to set
up your own one and that sort of thing, but also constant treeplanting if
you want to do that as well. That one's £20 as well.


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