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want to see an environmentalist tied to a tree?
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>Subject: [Upnorth] venue details - Northern Eco-action gathering
>Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 18:53:13 +0100
>You are cordially invited to the NORTHERN ECO-ACTION GATHERING taking place 
>Saturday 11 November from 10.30-6pm in the BRADFORD RESOURCE CENTRE 
>followed by
>food and socialising in the 1 in 12 social centre. For practical details 
>below and check our website http://www.eco-action.org/northern/
>Please pass this invite on!
>The world is on the point of ecological collapse: global temperature rise,
>species extinction, nuclear waste dumping, depletion of natural resources,
>deforestation, to name just a few problems. These will not be solved by
>governments (who make it worse by warring for the remaining resources), but 
>the people and communities working co-operatively..
>Come to the gathering if you want to do something about this. It doesnt 
>if you are a total novice or an experienced activist. Inaction will result 
>collective suicide for humankind and the planet.
>Workshops and discussions on:
>*A round-up of what's going on in different places, who's doing what and 
>for actions
>*Sharing skills: getting together a local group/network, legal training,
>security, strategy
>*Planning eco-actions and campaigns in the North
>*How we can support each other: networking, working together
>The idea for the gathering came out some Northern folks meeting at the 
>First gathering. The aim is make better links between people into taking
>ecological direct action, share skills and plan new campaigns and actions.
>We've now got a confirmed venue, the very nice and fully accessible 
>Resource Centre, 17-21 Chapel St, BRADFORD, BD1 5DT, a link to a map can be
>found here: http://www.brc-net.org.uk
>It's only 5 minutes walk from Bradford Interchange. For more detailed 
>descriptions check our website nearer the time
>We're having to pay for this venue so we'll be asking everyone to make a
>donation of £2-10.
>Please let us know if you are coming and also if you want to run a workshop 
>discussion. Some of us will try and cook some vegan food, but it'd be great 
>everyone could bring some (vegan) nosh to share for lunch and dinner.
>After dinner we can head over to the 1 in 12 social centre for a chat and a
>If you need a place to stay overnight, then please get in touch as we may 
>able to sort something out.
>See you there!
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