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Olive Mukariaguwiza and her three children were arrested yesterday in 
Salford, taken to Yarls Wood and are due to be deported to Rwanda tomorrow. 
Olive has been a member of the Samina Altaf campaign. Her constituency MP is 
Hazel Blears - who is also a Home Office minister. Her email is 
blearsh at parliament.uk  We are asking people to help besiege Hazel Blears 
with short emails of support - just making the 3 simple points (1) the 
eldest daughter - Sandra - has been studying at Pendleton College for her A 
levels. She is due to take these shortly. It would be obscene to put an end 
to her education in this way. At a minimum Sandra should be allowed to stay 
for her exams - with the support of her family (2) Yvan, the youingest 
child, has spent most of his life in the UK and is settled in Loer Kersal 
school (3) the family suffered domestic abuse in Rwanda. Wherever they fled 
the father found them. There is no safe place in Rwanda for them (4) Hazel 
Blears as a Home office minister should see the Home Secretary today to have 
the deportation called off. Quote Home Office re number M1197259 Please 
circulate this email.  Steve Cohen, Manchester
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> Great!
> I guess then we should start working on a draft agenda and the like. One
> idea is to use Make Borders History's wiki:
> http://wiki.makebordershistory.org/index.php/Main_Page
> I've already put up a heading for No Borders meeting in the Events section
> there, with a couple of subtitles. Feel free to change or add anything.
> Personally, 11-12 March would be better for me, but even 3-4th is all 
> right.
> Best,
> -- 
> Shiar
> sara b <sara_b37 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> We discussed at the last meeting of No Borders (London) to circulate a
>> proposal amongst No Borders groups around the country to all meet up for 
>> a
>> gathering.
>> Over the past year, new groups have formed using the name/banner "No
>> Borders" and therefore will feel that, though informal, we can 
>> potentially
>> create a relationship with different groups with the view of 
>> strengthening
>> the resistance and level of agititation against the Border regimes,
>> restrictions of movement and all deportations.
>> During the last few months since London No Borders was formed we have 
>> been
>> attempting to develop a political strategy which encompasses the
>> following:
>> 1.Detainee support group (providing access to good lawyers, bail 
>> surities,
>> money, visiting, actions)
>> 2.Defiance NOT Compliance (supporting workers who resist the states plans
>> to
>> enforce internal border controls in services and the workplace - social
>> services/housing/healthcare/education..etc)
>> 3 Close down detention centres & reporting centres (support 
>> anti-detention
>> centre campaigns).
>> 4.Global/European co-ordination (contributing to networks like 
>> Frassinito,
>> participating in international days of action and previous calls for
>> action).
>> Some of our ideas and activities have been inspired by other No Borders
>> groups in the UK and we feel that any communication which can be 
>> developed
>> would aid what we are all doing. In addition we would like to construct a
>> forum which we can present some ideas for a unified day of actions in the
>> UK
>> this April.
>> As this is just an intialy "feeler" for such a gathering we thought the
>> first step was to suggest a possible date & location.  We hope to be able
>> to
>> work on a structure together with other groups, with workshops and
>> discussions that encompass our political structure and enable us to move
>> forward to tak eaction, and with the additional aim of welcoming those
>> with
>> an interest in becomming involved in No Borders activity.
>> Date:
>> Sat 4th/Sun 5th March or Sat 11th/Sun 12th March
>> Location:
>> Ex-SSEES Occupied Social Centre - Central London
>> We welcome any responses or suggestions from other No Borders groups.
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