[noborders-brum] Re: Proposal from London No Borders 4 a gathering

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Tue Feb 7 22:29:56 UTC 2006


I guess then we should start working on a draft agenda and the like. One
idea is to use Make Borders History's wiki:

I've already put up a heading for No Borders meeting in the Events section
there, with a couple of subtitles. Feel free to change or add anything.

Personally, 11-12 March would be better for me, but even 3-4th is all right.


sara b <sara_b37 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> We discussed at the last meeting of No Borders (London) to circulate a
> proposal amongst No Borders groups around the country to all meet up for a
> gathering.
> Over the past year, new groups have formed using the name/banner "No
> Borders" and therefore will feel that, though informal, we can potentially
> create a relationship with different groups with the view of strengthening
> the resistance and level of agititation against the Border regimes,
> restrictions of movement and all deportations.
> During the last few months since London No Borders was formed we have been
> attempting to develop a political strategy which encompasses the
> following:
> 1.Detainee support group (providing access to good lawyers, bail surities,
> money, visiting, actions)
> 2.Defiance NOT Compliance (supporting workers who resist the states plans
> to
> enforce internal border controls in services and the workplace - social
> services/housing/healthcare/education..etc)
> 3 Close down detention centres & reporting centres (support anti-detention
> centre campaigns).
> 4.Global/European co-ordination (contributing to networks like Frassinito,
> participating in international days of action and previous calls for
> action).
> Some of our ideas and activities have been inspired by other No Borders
> groups in the UK and we feel that any communication which can be developed
> would aid what we are all doing. In addition we would like to construct a
> forum which we can present some ideas for a unified day of actions in the
> UK
> this April.
> As this is just an intialy "feeler" for such a gathering we thought the
> first step was to suggest a possible date & location.  We hope to be able
> to
> work on a structure together with other groups, with workshops and
> discussions that encompass our political structure and enable us to move
> forward to tak eaction, and with the additional aim of welcoming those
> with
> an interest in becomming involved in No Borders activity.
> Date:
> Sat 4th/Sun 5th March or Sat 11th/Sun 12th March
> Location:
> Ex-SSEES Occupied Social Centre - Central London
> We welcome any responses or suggestions from other No Borders groups.

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