[noborders-brum] defending Olive Mukaraguwiza. Struggle continues

Steve Cohen raysteve at cohen70.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Feb 10 12:45:32 UTC 2006

For the last 48 hours there has been a campaign to prevent the deportation to Rwanda of Olive Mukaraguwiza  and her children Yvan Gisinko (aged 5), Oliver Hirwa (aged 17) and Sandra Gihozo (aged 18) The asylum seeking family live in Salford. Or at least they did until two days ago when they were all arrested at dawn, driven at speed to Yarls Wood detention centre and then yesterday to Gatwick. However because of pressure the pilot refused to fly the family. They are now back in Yarls Wood which gives some slight breathing space.
 At the moment we are trying put as much pressure as possible on Hazel Blears MP. She is both the comstituency MP and a Home Office minister with authority to influence events. We are asking everyone to both email ( blearsh at parliament.uk ) and ring (0161 925 0705  ) Hazel Blears office to make the following simple points 1) the family fled Rwanda because of contant violent domestic abuse. There is no where in Rwanda they can hide from the abuser as he is a man of influence  2) Sandra has been studing for her A levels for 18 months at Pendleton College. She has been offered places at several universities. Her exams are imminent. It is cruel and ridiculous to stop her taking her exams 3) Yvan has spent most of his life in the UK. To treat a 5 year old in this way is inhumane 4) Olive herself is now in a state of near comotose mental depression  5) we demand that Hazel Blears intervenes immediately with her close colleague, the Home Secretary, to prevent the deportation). IF YOU HAVE ALREADY RUNG OR EMAILED HER OFFICE PLEASE DO SO AGAIN AND PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS EMAIL.
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