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Nellie you are good at this more than I am, so may you circulate  this to as 
many women as you can and lets hook up with the Americans and the  Latinos in 
this asylum cause.



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Subject: We've won before, let's win  again
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 (http://www.wfnet.org/)      _WFN Home_ (http://www.wfnet.org/)    _Women  
Without Borders_ (http://www.fundforward.org/uswomenwithoutborders/)    _fund 
>> forward_ (http://www.fundforward.org/)             
Dear Edward-Kennedy,     
Yesterday,  CNN went where few news organizations have gone before.  They 
covered World  Refugee Day from morning to night.  I have never seen  this kind 
of attention in the news.  If you missed the  coverage, _here  are the 
stories._ (http://ga4.org/ct/7dLazM61hRIr/)                                           
One  of the stories they touched upon in May and highlighted  again yesterday 
is the use of _rape as  a weapon_ (http://ga4.org/ct/71LazM61hRI4/)  in the 
The  reality is that rape is being used as a military  weapon.    Those who 
are poor and have few resources – like  refugees – are often targeted.  In 
fact, poverty is  one of the leading causes of violence against  women. 
We  have one bright light, though. We have already succeeded in  convincing 
the US government to re-consider asylum for Ann,  a trafficking survivor from 
Albania.  _Your  letters did it_ (http://ga4.org/ct/udLazM61hRIt/) .  
Now  another woman needs your help. She’s been gang-raped in a  Congolese 
prison and has a chance at asylum, but we need to  move immediately. 
Monique  was at her government job in the  Democratic Republic of the  Congo 
in January 2001 on  the day President Kabila was assassinated outside her  
office. The military swept everybody there into  detention.  She  was imprisoned 
and repeatedly interrogated, beaten and  gang-raped by guards for the next six 
She  was able to escape to the US, but now the  United  States government has 
 denied Monique asylum based on the shocking rationale that  being repeatedly 
gang-raped and beaten was nothing more than  a "legitimate investigation.” 
She could be sent back to the  Congo  any day. 
Join  us to do two things: 
1)   _Click  here_ (http://ga4.org/ct/77LazM61hRIf/)  to write Attorney 
General Alberto Gonzales  and demand Monique be given asylum.  
2)  _Click  here_ (http://ga4.org/ct/7pLazM61hRIv/)  to write CNN to thank 
them for their great  coverage of World Refugee Day.   
In  Solidarity,  

Chris Grumm, 
President, The Women's Funding Network      
_TAKE  ACTION!_ (http://ga4.org/ct/77LazM61hRIf/)  
In defense  of a woman fleeing prison rape by soldiers but denied  asylum in 
the US.

_ACT  NOW>>_ (http://ga4.org/ct/77LazM61hRIf/) 

_Write CNN and thank them for covering  refugees_ 
_Click here to send a  letter>>_ (http://ga4.org/ct/7pLazM61hRIv/)  

_SUPPORT WFN!_ (http://ga4.org/ct/u7LazM61hRIg/)  
Making  a gift to WFN is a resounding "YES" for  women and girls around the 
_MAKE A GIFT  NOW>>_ (http://ga4.org/ct/u7LazM61hRIg/)  
Keep your friends and colleagues in the loop! Be sure to pass  along this 
e-mail with links to new columns and stories. 
If you received this message from a friend, you can _sign  up for fund 
forward_ (http://ga4.org/fund_forward/join.html?r=91LazM61xXU9E) .  
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