[noborders-brum] Birmingham NoBorders Meeting Minutes 30-3-06

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Fri Mar 31 00:57:01 UTC 2006

Below are the minutes of Thursday's (30/3/06) meeting at the MAC. Not many
people turned up.. but it was good.


1. The 8th April demo:

The coach has been booked. There’s gonna be 2 pick up points: one in
Balsall Heath, by the Swimming Baths, at 7:30am, and the second in the
City Centre, by the Rep Theatre car park.

50 tickets have been printed out and many have been sold already. So far,
30-something seats are taken for definite. It will be good to get this
sorted by the end of this week.

Last meeting we agreed to make a banner for the demo. So, there is going
to be a banner-making session at Mike’s this coming Tuesday (4 April) to
make one. We’re gonna use the same cloth of the Mathew Boulton demo
banner, but we need to buy some tape beforehand. In the meantime, people
NEED TO THINK about the words.

We also thought it would be good to distribute some relevant
resources/literature on the coach. For example, the anti-deportation
campaign manual, the NOII manifesto, No Borders leaflet etc. We could also
show some films on the way there – to be checked if that’s possible.

We need to check if there are going to be visits to detainees on the day.
If yes, who and whom. Those who intend to do that might need to bring ID’s
and stuff.

Last meeting we also talked about drums and noise. Well, if that didn’t
happen, bring along anything that could make noise (pans etc).

As for food, some FNB people are cooking some simple stuff (curry, cookies
etc.) - mmm.

2. Outreach:

We, obviously, need to do some outreach. Starting from this coming
Saturday, NoBorders is gonna have a stall next to Food Not Bomb’s. Now we
need stuff to be put there.

We agreed to start working on 3 leaflets: one about the history of No
Border, one about the border regime, and one about general (political,
economical etc) issues related to asylum and immigration. Expect some
discussion and collaborative work on these on the list.

We agreed to have a blog for Brum NB on the Make Borders History site
(this was set up during last year’s G8 protests to provide a platform for
groups and initiatives campaigning against the borders and for the freedom
of movement and communication for all people: www.makebordershistory.org.)
It also has a great wiki, by the way, that we could use. Check it out!
Actually, the blog does exist, but it’s not active/done yet (we were just
experimenting). It’s gonna look something like this:

3. Again, we talked about fundraisers. There are a couple of enthusiastic
people who would agree to do something for us. Feasibly, we can organise a
gig for mid-May. Details need to be discussed further.

4. We also talked about other possible events and actions, including the
Refugee Week in June, asylum profiteers etc. etc.


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