[noborders-brum] Birmingham NoBorders Meeting Minutes 30-3-06

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Fri Mar 31 15:56:08 UTC 2006

Re: 2. Outreach:
Forgot to say that we also agreed to have a sub-forum for Birmingham
NoBorders on the No Borders forum: http://noborders.org.uk/
I have created it this morning, so feel free to post/use it as a
noticeboard or a discussion board. It's easy to use. Make sure you
register first, and log in with you username and password.

> Below are the minutes of Thursday's (30/3/06) meeting at the MAC. Not many
> people turned up.. but it was good.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1. The 8th April demo:
> The coach has been booked. There’s gonna be 2 pick up points: one in
> Balsall Heath, by the Swimming Baths, at 7:30am, and the second in the
> City Centre, by the Rep Theatre car park.
> 50 tickets have been printed out and many have been sold already. So far,
> 30-something seats are taken for definite. It will be good to get this
> sorted by the end of this week.
> Last meeting we agreed to make a banner for the demo. So, there is going
> to be a banner-making session at Mike’s this coming Tuesday (4 April) to
> make one. We’re gonna use the same cloth of the Mathew Boulton demo
> banner, but we need to buy some tape beforehand. In the meantime, people
> NEED TO THINK about the words.
> We also thought it would be good to distribute some relevant
> resources/literature on the coach. For example, the anti-deportation
> campaign manual, the NOII manifesto, No Borders leaflet etc. We could also
> show some films on the way there – to be checked if that’s possible.
> We need to check if there are going to be visits to detainees on the day.
> If yes, who and whom. Those who intend to do that might need to bring ID’s
> and stuff.
> Last meeting we also talked about drums and noise. Well, if that didn’t
> happen, bring along anything that could make noise (pans etc).
> As for food, some FNB people are cooking some simple stuff (curry, cookies
> etc.) - mmm.
> 2. Outreach:
> We, obviously, need to do some outreach. Starting from this coming
> Saturday, NoBorders is gonna have a stall next to Food Not Bomb’s. Now we
> need stuff to be put there.
> We agreed to start working on 3 leaflets: one about the history of No
> Border, one about the border regime, and one about general (political,
> economical etc) issues related to asylum and immigration. Expect some
> discussion and collaborative work on these on the list.
> We agreed to have a blog for Brum NB on the Make Borders History site
> (this was set up during last year’s G8 protests to provide a platform for
> groups and initiatives campaigning against the borders and for the freedom
> of movement and communication for all people: www.makebordershistory.org.)
> It also has a great wiki, by the way, that we could use. Check it out!
> Actually, the blog does exist, but it’s not active/done yet (we were just
> experimenting). It’s gonna look something like this:
> http://www.makebordershistory.org/birmingham/
> 3. Again, we talked about fundraisers. There are a couple of enthusiastic
> people who would agree to do something for us. Feasibly, we can organise a
> gig for mid-May. Details need to be discussed further.
> 4. We also talked about other possible events and actions, including the
> Refugee Week in June, asylum profiteers etc. etc.
> --
> Shiar


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