[noborders-brum] recycling-can anyone help...

eleanor hoad eleanorhoad at hotmail.com
Wed May 24 14:08:40 UTC 2006


A brilliant way to get rid of your old junk!

I am doing a project with a load of troublesome kids in Tipton and am going 
to build some mutant scrap bikes and go karts with them. Does anyone have 
any useful bits of old bikes, wheels, frames, handlebars or anything even 
vaguely useful or interesting hanging about that they want to get rid of?

Can collect on Saturday morning this week. The first session is Saturday 
(27th) in the afternoon.

You can email back or call me on 07974 934 917. if not do you know anyone 
you might? feel free to forward this message.

Thanks Eleanor Hoad

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